The Function of Pain - Picture of Lightning

The Function of Pain

We don’t always want to cover-up pain. At Core Rehabilitation and Spine Center, our goal is to get patients permanently pain-free and active by targeting the root of a mechanical malfunction. Instead of temporarily covering-up pain, we use pain as an investigative tool to determine the root of all related symptoms. In this article we investigate the different types of pain and get into the details of how pain can guide treatment for a quick and permanent recovery. “…painful sensation helps guide us into knowing the nature of the mechanical problem and its directional preference…”


Response to a reader’s questions on cervical stenosis

A comment was posted to my blog on “Cervical Stenosis” with some very good questions: “I am wondering which Mckenzie neck exercises did you perform? All 7? 8 times a day? I am concerned about doing #2 and #7. I am in the same situation that you were in: I started with pain in my […]

Understanding Disc Problems in your Low Back - Low Back Pain and Sciatica

Understanding Disc Problems in your Low Back: the Key to Treatment

It is important to understand the anatomical arrangement in our lumbar spine (low back) in order to understand how and where problems can occur. Only after this, can effective treatment be applied. The Components The lumbar spine is typically composed of 5 vertebrae. They are numbered as L1-L5 from the top to the bottom. In […]