Pain-free in 3 days!

I have suffered on and off for about the last few years with what I thought was a pulled or strained muscle in my upper left shoulder. Every time the problem has surfaced I would try to self treat by using heat packs, and over the counter anti-inflammatory medication. After several days or sometimes weeks the pain would eventually go away.
Recently I had the same experience only this time it was accompanied with a major headache and the shoulder pain was now traveling into my upper back muscle. I had been fighting this for about a week and was again trying to self treat but there was no improvement.

I was able to consult with Irene at Core Rehabilitation and Spine Center. She took the time to evaluate symptoms and was able to locate the source of the problem. To my surprise it was not a muscle problem but more of a posture and bone in the base of my neck. She was able to stretch my neck in several different positions, and then recommended a specific exercise. This was on Friday afternoon. I continued with the stretches throughout the weekend and by Sunday I had complete relieve of the painĀ and the headache.

I am very grateful to Irene and am very impressed with her ability to not only diagnose but then properly treat.

Thank you

Michelle E.

Michelle E.
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