Neuro Rehab

NDT_iconNeurological Rehabilitation at Core Rehabilitation and Spine Center

Neurological Rehabilitation enables patients with neurological deficits to achieve normal movements for activities of daily living.

Based on human developmental sequence and movement science, the Neurodevelopmental Treatment (NDT) is developed as a logical and scientific approach to systematically regain proper balance between facilitation and inhibition of all muscular control of the body. It is the most effective treatment methodology for neurological dysfunctions, because it targets the root of the problem from the central nervous system to all the peripheral controls–the control of the trunk, arms, legs, etc. The post-graduate certification training process to become a certified NDT therapist is lengthy and extensive. This ensures the certified therapists to be competent in providing such rehabilitative process for their neurological patients. Most importantly, this enables patients with neurological deficits to improve their quality of life by achieving optimal movement control for all activities of daily living.

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