My Plantar Fasciitis

For over 10 years, my plantar fasciitis in both feet had given me so much pain that limited me from walking, working, leisure activities and even basic daily tasks.  I tried all kinds of medications, cortisone injections, expensive orthotics, numerous visits in different doctor’s offices and physical therapy, and even wearing the funny things on my feet at night…  Nothing avail any hope to the debilitating foot pain.
Until one day, I came around Irene Acevedo and she evaluated my feet.  She applied certain tape on my feet using her specialized taping techniques, and gave me a few uncomplicated exercises.  Immediately after her simple treatment, I could not believe that I was able to walk without pain for the first time in over 10 years.  I continued with the taping method and the few exercises Irene showed me for the subsequent week or two.  Before I knew, I was painfree in standing, walking, running, shopping…even without the tapes!!
It has been over 13 years now, and I have been able to be on my feet for as long as I want and not have any recurrence ever since I saw Irene.  I was surprised to know that she could make the difference while all other approaches, including Physical Therapy, could not.  Irene knows what she is doing!  I definitely recommend her Physical Therapy to anyone without reservation.
Irene, you are the miracle therapists!
Howard Perino
Chicago, IL
Howard Perino
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Irene Acevedo, PT, MS, Cert MDT
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