My Neck Problem

I had a neck problem for a long time. It usually came with minor discomfort and gradually went down with severe pain. I had massage and acupuncture in an attempt to be relieved from the pain, and yet I gained no long-term improvement nor control of my neck problem at its “early” stage in the past. However, seeing Irene was quite a difference experience. She did several approaches to my neck and at the same time, gave me some homework to practice to bring my neck back to normal condition. It is very helpful and assuring to have an expert like Irene to analyze my situation. She took time to analyze my problem, and taught me different exercises to recover fully. There are many causes of neck pain. Although I cannot eliminate them all, but Irene taught me how to pay attention to the early warning signs and do appropriate exercise to eliminate another episode.







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Irene Acevedo, PT, MS, Cert MDT
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