My Daughter’s Hip

June 4, 2007


I have been a co-worker of Irene Acevedo since she started her Physical Therapy practice. I have witnessed patient after patient benefiting from her treatment and approach to physical therapy. So, when my 17-year-old daughter started to complain about hip pain, Irene was the person I wanted my daughter to see. Irene did an evaluation and was able to correctly diagnose the source of her hip pain, and started her on physical therapy. X-ray results confirmed Irene’s diagnosis and the treatment was exactly what our doctor would have recommended. My daughter is a dancer and has been pain-free since working with Irene and has been able to remain pain free by doing her exercises at home. I highly recommend seeing Irene before seeing anyone else.


Vicky Robbins, RRT

Vicky Robbins, RRT
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Irene Acevedo, PT, MS, Cert MDT
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