You “Many of our patients have received Physical Therapy elsewhere, and many of them were dissatisfied with the outcome they received. When these patients come to us, they experienced something different.” – Irene Acevedo, PT, MS, Cert MDT Our Mission – You Effectively and quickly bring you back to your desired quality of life Our […]


Culture “Continuous Improvement requires changing the culture. Our aim is to positively impact the culture at Core Rehabilitation and Spine Center, the rehab culture in Salt Lake City, and even the culture of the entire field of Physical Therapy.” – Daniel Acevedo, Manager of Operations Our Mission – Culture Strengthen the culture of continuous improvement […]


Educate “Knowledge is power. By spending the time to attend to the needs of our patients, we deliver the education that is necessary for them to treat themselves.” – Irene Acevedo, PT, MS, Cert MDT Our Mission – Educate Believe it – We want our patients to become independent of us Our Way We teach […]