You “Many of our patients have received Physical Therapy elsewhere, and many of them were dissatisfied with the outcome they received. When these patients come to us, they experienced something different.” – Irene Acevedo, PT, MS, Cert MDT Our Mission – You Effectively and quickly bring you back to your desired quality of life Our […]


Culture “Continuous Improvement requires changing the culture. Our aim is to positively impact the culture at Core Rehabilitation and Spine Center, the rehab culture in Salt Lake City, and even the culture of the entire field of Physical Therapy.” – Daniel Acevedo, Manager of Operations Our Mission – Culture Strengthen the culture of continuous improvement […]


Educate “Knowledge is power. By spending the time to attend to the needs of our patients, we deliver the education that is necessary for them to treat themselves.” – Irene Acevedo, PT, MS, Cert MDT Our Mission – Educate Believe it – We want our patients to become independent of us Our Way We teach […]


My Neck Problem

I had a neck problem for a long time. It usually came with minor discomfort and gradually went down with severe pain. I had massage and acupuncture in an attempt to be relieved from the pain, and yet I gained no long-term improvement nor control of my neck problem at its “early” stage in the past. However, seeing […]


I Am Pain Free!

This thank you for your wonderful therapy could not be overstated.  I never imagined a life where one could learn how to manage their back pain.  I never imagined a life where I could so get back into life. And,  since I have recommended your therapy to several friends – I never thought I could be so appreciated […]


My Plantar Fasciitis

For over 10 years, my plantar fasciitis in both feet had given me so much pain that limited me from walking, working, leisure activities and even basic daily tasks.  I tried all kinds of medications, cortisone injections, expensive orthotics, numerous visits in different doctor’s offices and physical therapy, and even wearing the funny things on […]


Have All the Fun I Can Now

I am very satisfised with the outcome of my treatments.  While I only had 2 treatments, I was amazed at how my pain actually moved around and how I could control it through the right application of stretching manuvers.  I ski, snowmobile and have all the fun I can now.  If my back starts to hurt I start […]


A Pain In The Neck

  Over the course of my life, I have been involved in several serious automobile accidents.  Twice, I have been hit broadside by cars running red lights.  The resulting whiplash injuries have led to chronic, recurrent neck pain.  I have tried massage, standard physical therapy, chiropractors and acupuncture in an attempt to deal with my condition.  All provided some […]


My Daughter’s Hip

June 4, 2007   I have been a co-worker of Irene Acevedo since she started her Physical Therapy practice. I have witnessed patient after patient benefiting from her treatment and approach to physical therapy. So, when my 17-year-old daughter started to complain about hip pain, Irene was the person I wanted my daughter to see. […]


I Broke My Ankle 20 Years Ago

I broke my ankle twenty years ago.  It has not been as mobile as my other ankle.  For months I have had a pain in my arch.  I went to a chiropractor and also to a massage therapist in search for relief.   Each one treated it but the pain did not go away.   I was not sure where to go […]


No surgery!!

I hurt my shoulder about 9 months ago. I didn’t do anything about it until I couldn’t raise my arm above my chest height. I told myself it was time to see a doctor. The doctor told me to try therapy but more than likely I would need surgery.  I went to see Irene.  Irene […]


Pain-free in 3 days!

I have suffered on and off for about the last few years with what I thought was a pulled or strained muscle in my upper left shoulder. Every time the problem has surfaced I would try to self treat by using heat packs, and over the counter anti-inflammatory medication. After several days or sometimes weeks […]

Walking for a Healthy Lifestyle - Grandfather and boy - Wide

Walking for a Healthy Lifestyle

Are you getting away from a  sedentary lifestyle and moving toward an active lifestyle? Walking more, and walking regularly, is an easy exercise with great benefits. If you live in Utah, where Core Rehabilitation and Spine Center is located, then getting out and walking is a must. You just do not want to miss the […]