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Irene Acevedo, PT, MS, Cert MDT - Physical Therapist in Salt Lake City. Image Copyrighted by Core Rehabilitation and Spine Center. Do not duplicate.

"If you have to get treatment again and again for months and even years, you should start questioning whether there is something wrong with you, or the practitioner." - Irene Acevedo, PT, MS, Cert MDT

Irene Acevedo, MS, PT, Cert MDT is the Clinical Director at Core Rehabilitation and Spine Center

She began her physical therapist career in 1994 when she graduated from Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has practiced in a wide variety of clinical settings, such as in-patient care, outpatient clinics, Neurological Rehabilitation, Orthopedic Medicine, Wound Management, Home Health and Hospice.

She was also a faculty member at California State University at Dominguez Hills for Neuroscience. In 2002, she was certified in Neuro-developmental Treatment (NDT). In 2004, the McKenzie Institute, a world-renowned research institute in effective orthopedic management, certified her in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT).


“I have worked closely with Irene… She is capable and knowledgeable... She learns new
concepts easily and diligently and applies basic practice with a zeal that is enviable. I recommend Irene Acevedo without reservation.” - Stanley N. Carson, MD, FACS

Our Mission:


Many of our patients have received Physical Therapy elsewhere, and many of them were dissatisfied with the outcome they received. When these patients come to us, they experienced...

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Continuous Improvement requires changing the culture. Our aim is to positively impact the culture at Core Rehabilitation and Spine Center, the rehab culture in Salt Lake City, and even the culture of...

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Knowledge is power. By spending the time to attend to the needs of our patients, we deliver...

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Common Conditions We Treat:

Listed from head to toe. Our specializations are also listed here.

What You Can Expect From Us:

At Core Rehabilitation and Spine Center, we provide revolutionary rehabilitation.

  • We strive to treat each problem—orthopedic or neurological—at its root, in order to effectively and quickly bring our patients back to their desired quality of life.
  • The effectiveness of our services can be seen as we achieve maximal progress within minimal visits.
  • In addition, we aim to bring the field of Physical Therapy to the highest standard possible.
When patients come to Core Rehabilitation and Spine Center they:
  • Receive a thorough education on the mechanism of their injuries and how to prevent them
  • Learn to self-assess and self-treat
  • Require significantly less visits for a full recovery
Because not all musculoskeletal or neurological problems are identical, we provide one-on-one Physical Therapy with personalized rehabilitation programs.