A Pain In The Neck


Over the course of my life, I have been involved in several serious automobile accidents.  Twice, I have been hit broadside by cars running red lights.  The resulting whiplash injuries have led to chronic, recurrent neck pain.  I have tried massage, standard physical therapy, chiropractors and acupuncture in an attempt to deal with my condition.  All provided some level of short-term relief, but inevitably the pain would return.


On first meeting with Irene, I was impressed that she intended to treat the source of the problem not just the symptoms and that she wanted to teach me how to treat future recurrences before they became debilitating – by myself!


Her assessment was very thorough and focused on gradually changing my vertebral ailment and evaluating the subsequent level of pain and range of motion.  At first, I thought, “When is she going to start treating me?”  Then I realized that with each sequence of “exercises”, my pain was less and my range of motion was greater.  In the three visits that we had together, I became more proficient at performing the McKenzie exercises and determining which ones affected each area of my upper spine.  Now, when I have that beginning twinge of discomfort, I do a couple sets of the appropriate exercise and the discomfort disappears.


I have recommended Irene to several friends and here I would like to recommend her to anyone who has back or neck pain.  She is remarkable and even if she is not on your insurance plan, she is a bargain because she allows you to take control of your problem rather than returning over and over again for the treatment of symptoms.


Rick Strickland

Salt Lake City, UT

Rick Strickland
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